Group Profile


LyncMed Group is a globally organized data technology medical enterprise. Since its establishment in 2015,we devote our resources to bringing healthcare to the consumer’s fingertips and increase added value for Chinese manufacturers by using our innovative business model, data technology development, and resource collaboration within the industry.

Our headquarters is located in Beijing, China with supply chain logistics centers and marketing operation centers in Shanghai Pudong and Shenzhen. Respectively, there are also 7 subsidiary corporations in America, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Mexico. The founding team members are technical leaders who have been engaged in global procurement, marketing and cross-border e-commerce platforms in the field of medical equipment for many years.

At this point, on the supply side, we have cooperated with the leading medical equipment manufacturers in China to establish the first batch of on-line products include operating room consumables, infusions, urology, respiratory, anesthesia, feeding and rehabilitation consumables. In terms of the market, we have an abundant amount of customer resources and multiple channels for online and offline promotion. In addition, supply chain finance and international trade logistics are also our proficient business. As a result, it has laid the foundation for groundbreaking success in the competitive market.

Our goal is to consistently innovate our Internet cross-border export business model and absorb brilliant talent to make bigger progress in the industry across the industry.